Rocking the Airwaves: New Hits to Jam to on WNRF

Welcome back, rock enthusiasts, to another electrifying week on WNRF, your ultimate destination for the latest and greatest in the world of rock music. This week, we’re cranking up the volume with a selection of brand-new songs that are guaranteed to keep your speakers rocking. From Atreyu’s thunderous “Gone” to Bush’s nostalgic “Nowhere To Go But Everywhere” and blink-182’s infectious “One More Time…,” we’ve got your musical cravings covered. And to round off this week’s lineup, we have “Honey (Are U Coming?)” from the dynamic Maneskin.

Atreyu – “Gone”
Kicking off our rock extravaganza, we have the powerhouse metal band Atreyu with their scorching single “Gone.” Known for their hard-hitting sound and dynamic performances, Atreyu doesn’t hold back in this relentless track. “Gone” is a testament to their commitment to pushing the boundaries of metal, with fiery riffs and impassioned vocals that will leave you headbanging and craving more.

Bush – “Nowhere To Go But Everywhere”
British rock veterans Bush are back, and they’re taking us on a journey down memory lane with “Nowhere To Go But Everywhere.” This track is a sneak peek into their upcoming album, “Loaded: The Greatest Hits 1994-2023,” slated for release in November 2023. “Nowhere To Go But Everywhere” captures the essence of Bush’s iconic sound, delivering a dose of nostalgia while proving that they still have the rock ‘n’ roll magic that made them legends.

blink-182 – “One More Time…”
The iconic trio, blink-182, needs no introduction. With their catchy hooks and infectious energy, they’re back with “One More Time…” from their album of the same name on Columbia Records. This track is a quintessential blink-182 anthem, blending punk-rock attitude with a dash of pop sensibility. Get ready to sing along.

Maneskin – “Honey (Are U Coming?)”
Closing out this week’s rock fest, we have the Italian rock sensation, Maneskin, with their electrifying hit “Honey (Are U Coming?).” Known for their raw and energetic performances, Maneskin brings a unique flavor to the rock scene. With this track, they prove once again that they’re a force to be reckoned with, combining soulful vocals and a groovy rhythm that will get your feet tapping.
And there you have it, another week of pure rock exhilaration on WNRF! From the fierce metal of Atreyu to the nostalgic vibes of Bush, the infectious melodies of blink-182, and the dynamic energy of Maneskin, we’ve covered the entire spectrum of rock music. We hope you enjoy this week’s lineup, and we can’t wait to have you back here next week for more thrilling rock discoveries. Thank you for tuning in to WNRF and keep rocking on!