WNRF Unveils a Stellar Lineup: New Music Singles to Rock Your World!

Music lovers, get ready to be thrilled because WNRF has just dropped some incredible additions to their lineup that are bound to leave you craving more. From iconic rock legends like The Rolling Stones to the freshest sounds of emerging artists, there’s a little something for everyone in this exciting wave of musical releases.

Sleep TokenGranite
Kicking things off is the mysterious and enigmatic Sleep Token with their latest track, “Granite.” Known for their captivating blend of alternative, metal, and post-rock influences, Sleep Token continues to intrigue and mesmerize listeners with their unique sound. “Granite” promises to be another ethereal journey into their musical world, where the boundaries of genre are constantly pushed.

Avenged Sevenfold – “Mattel
Avenged Sevenfold, the titans of modern metal, are back in the spotlight with “Mattel,” the eagerly awaited follow-up to their hit “Nobody.” This track is taken from their upcoming album, “Life Is But a Dream…” Known for their soaring melodies and thunderous riffs, Avenged Sevenfold never fail to deliver a sonic punch that leaves fans craving for more.

Parkway Drive – “Darker Still
Metalcore aficionados, rejoice! Parkway Drive has graced us with “Darker Still,” a tantalizing glimpse into their album of the same name. Renowned for their high-octane performances and powerful lyrics, Parkway Drive continues to solidify their place in the metal scene with this electrifying track.

Bad Wolves – “Legends Never Die
Prepare to be blown away by Bad Wolves and their single “Legends Never Die.” This American heavy metal band, formed in 2017, is set to release their album “Die About It” on November 3, 2023. “Legends Never Die” is a thunderous taste of what’s in store, promising a high-energy, headbanging experience for metal enthusiasts.

Motionless In White – “Sign Of Life
Motionless In White brings their dark and theatrical style to the forefront with “Sign Of Life,” a track from their album “Scoring The End Of The World.” Known for their thought-provoking lyrics and genre-blurring music, Motionless In White continues to captivate audiences with their unique brand of metal.

Austin John Winkler and Shaylen – “Lips of an Angel
Remember the massive hit “Lips of an Angel” by Hinder? Well, prepare to be pleasantly surprised as singer Austin John Winkler, the original voice of Hinder, collaborates with up-and-coming country/rock artist Shaylen to give this classic a fresh twist. Together, they create a new version of this beloved track, infusing it with a captivating new energy.

Puddle of Mudd – “Cash and Cobain
Puddle of Mudd is back with a bang! Their latest single, “Cash and Cobain,” is taken from the album “Ubiquitous,” released on September 8, 2023. After the success of their Top 10 track “Uh Oh,” Puddle of Mudd returns with their post-grunge sound and infectious hooks that have made them a staple in the rock scene.

The Rolling Stones – “Angry
When legends like The Rolling Stones drop new music, the world takes notice. “Angry” is the Stones’ latest offering and a taste of what’s to come on their forthcoming album, “Hackney Diamonds.” This album, set for release on October 20, 2023, is not only a musical milestone but also a bittersweet one, as it marks the final appearance of drummer Charlie Watts, who left an indelible mark on rock history.

Another Day Dawns – “Hesitate
Last but certainly not least, Another Day Dawns is here to make waves with their upcoming album “Finding Peace Through All The Noise,” set to drop on October 6, 2023. Their new single, “Hesitate,” is a tantalizing preview of what’s to come. With a blend of emotion and power, Another Day Dawns is ready to carve their mark in the music world.

The music scene is alive and thriving with these incredible releases. Whether you’re a fan of classic rock, metal, or genre-defying sounds, there’s something here to satisfy your musical cravings. So, plug in those headphones, connect the bluetooth speakers, crank up the volume, and let the music take you on an unforgettable journey!